Cacao & Sound Healing :: Moloaa, Kauai
3:00 pm15:00

Cacao & Sound Healing :: Moloaa, Kauai

  • Moloaa USA

Immersed in the magic of heart medicine with Cacao, we will journey through the beauty along with crystal sound healing and gentle drumming. Join us for an experience that can assist with feeling more fully, a warmth within. Be caressed with cacao medicine, a pulse of pure beauty. 

* Space is limited, sign up early!

* Held in Moloaa, Kauai at a private residence. Details will be emailed one week prior to ceremony. 

Mercado Sagrado :: Malibu, CA
Nov 6

Mercado Sagrado :: Malibu, CA

  • Paramount Ranch Road Agoura Hills, CA, 91301 United States
Mercado Sagrado 2016.jpg

Join me for this exquisitely curated event full of artisans & crafters, food makers & musicians. We will be sharing chocolate, gift packs and photographs at our Dessert Medicine booth. Come say hello and enjoy the festivities. 

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing :: Topanga Canyon
4:00 pm16:00

Cacao Ceremony & Sound Healing :: Topanga Canyon

  • Topanga, CA

Immersed in the magic of heart medicine with Cacao, we will journey through the beauty along with crystal sound healing and gentle drumming. Join us for an experience that can assist with feeling more fully, a warmth within. Be caressed with cacao medicine, a pulse of pure beauty. 

Purchase your ticket HERE

* Space is limited, sign up early!

* Location and what to bring will be emailed upon registration 


Julia has been working with cacao for over eight years, living with the plant, consuming this medicine, and bringing it to life through Dessert Medicine. Through alchemizing the flavors of cacao with botanicals, and recognizing the powerful properties that come together to effect the mind, body & spirit, her desserts are created.  

Jaclyn has enjoyed creating sacred spaces and ceremony from a young age, and believes that we can only begin to understand the potential healing powers of focused intention and prayer when channeled through sound.

She has been creating music since 1999 when she joined a collective based out of NYC that held regular experimental music performances in Brooklyn and Manhattan which then travelled to Spain where she performed at venues such as the Moog and Sonar Festival.  When she landed back in the States in California she had a life-altering, transformative experience where she witnessed her soul leaving her body in the form of pure sound and light which led her to the healing practice of resonant sound alchemy.  She has studied at the Globe Institute for Sound Healing but is mostly guided by intuition and Spirit. She has developed a unique sonic healing journey combining an array of instruments including crystal singing bowls and gongs, along with vocals which produce pure tones and overtones to induce alpha and theta brainwave states in the brain, deep relaxation, and harmonic alignment. When she is not offering sound healing Jaclyn works as a professional wildlife rehabilitator specializing in birds of prey in Ojai.


What to welcome in :: The medicine of cacao paired with carefully chosen botanicals, sans sugar. This is a cacao elixir, warmed to assimilate effortlessly into the body. As we experience this heart opening medicine, we will be drawn into the sounds of crystal singing bowls. 

Light snacks & refreshments served afterwards. 

Bass Center 2016
Jul 31

Bass Center 2016

  • Dicks Sporting Goods Park

Find Kiss of Venus rose chocolate & Tantric Tea green tea chocolate at Bass Center in Colorado! It will be available in the General Store in front of the campground area at the event. Come find me :)))

Midsummer Party :: Open Inspired Living
5:00 pm17:00

Midsummer Party :: Open Inspired Living

  • open inspired living

Come celebrate summer with us! Raw Chocolate from Dessert Medicine - Julia Corbett, Raw Desserts from local DayDreamDessert, Jun from Ling, Art and Adnornments from Jewel and Lotus and Salila Rising

2016 Herbal Medicine Fair
10:00 am10:00

2016 Herbal Medicine Fair

  • Homestead Apothecary

Herbalists, farmers, practitioners, makers, and musicians take over Temescal Alley to showcase the amazing talent of the herb community! Delicious food and drinks! The event is free and open to the public.

Jun 13

Spirit Weavers 2016

Join Julia at the Spirit Weavers Gathering for both the 'Sun' & 'Moon' sessions, where she will teach Honey for the Heart & Awakening Beauty Portraiture

Honey for the Heart

"Herbal honey making and mixing. Infuse the nectar from our precious bees with the power of plants. Adaptogens, superfoods and spices will enhance the honey’s deliciousness, and have healing constituents. We will use honey that is raw, maintaining all of its beneficial properties, and a wild varietal that is made from the nectar of wildflowers. Made to be a heart expanding experience, connecting into the full beauty of these ingredients and alchemizing the flavors.

Learn about adaptogens like Ashwagandha, Rhodiola & Reishi. Superfoods like Cacao, Maca & Lucuma. Dive deep into the world of Dessert Medicine. We will make two 4oz jars to take home or share with a friend."

Learn more about Spirit Weavers :: HERE

1:00 pm13:00

Dessert Medicine Workshop :: M.Parke Studio

  • M.Parke Studios

"Dessert Alchemist Julia Corbett will guide us through the celebration + creation of an incredible array of botanically-infused, healing desserts on Saturday April 9th from 1pm - 5pm in Topanga, CA! 

A guided meditation + intention setting will set the tone for our creative + healing day.  We will begin making herbal chocolates, using the highest quality cacao, and experience all its beautiful forms.  We will then enjoy a few nourishing elixirs, to refresh and reset our body, that allow us to really feel the herbs, followed by raw cookies, sweetened with honey and made delicately delicious with coconut.  We will finish with a mandala pie creation, filled with super-nutrient dense ingredients and seasonal market finds. 

Herbal tea infusions + superfood snacks will be provided, along with a comprehensive recipe packet, tasting of all treats, and plenty of leftovers to bring home with you.

Workshop will be held in a private residence.  Directions will be emailed to you upon purchase.

**Please bring a notebook and container."

Sign up HERE

2:00 pm14:00

Dessert Medicine workshop in Ojai

Join us for holiday treat making, with Dessert Medicine founder Julia Corbett. This class will be taught in Ojai, CA on November 21st from 2pm-6pm. We will make a spread of delicious desserts, including raw pie, superfood cookies, chocolates, elixirs and so much more!!

Menu :: Holiday Spice Pie with apples, pears & cardamom. Thin Mint Cookies. Herbal-infused Raw Chocolate Bark. Turmeric Adaptogen Elixir & more!

Exchange :: $125 for all materials, a recipe packet & full dessert menu tasting.

RSVP & Email to confirm your space, as this is a private residence.