To the Heart of Sweetness

DESSERT MEDICINE  ::  Handcrafted Botanical Chocolate & Desserts

What is Dessert Medicine >> Dessert as a healing tool; to awaken the heart, to expand the mind, to be connected to the sweetness of life. Be lifted, be immersed in plant botanicals that are designed to work in harmony with your mind and body, and connect higher, in spirit. This is alchemy, combining plants to create flavors and feelings of delectable deliciousness and beauty. <<

What we use >> Organic // Fair Trade CACAO :: Stoneground heirloom & unroasted cacao, from the wild Ecuadorian Andes is paired with sundried cane crystals and botanicals in a deliciously smooth liquid, then carefully tempered and infused with flowers and essential oils like Rose Otto. <<

Explore the sweetness, and feel good too! 

Be Inspired, Be awakened, Be Joyful, with Love.

Cacao Ceremony :: Experience

Pure cacao medicine is a guide through the Heart Center. Experience a magical blend of pure wild harvested Ecuadorian cacao and spices, to awaken the bliss body and connect to our inner being, our beauty, our creative center.