Dessert Medicine Maker :: Julia Corbett

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Sweet treats have always been a place of happiness for me. Ice cream was the first delight I tried, at one year old! And of course, ice cream is still one of my favorites, that and chocolate!! Through my journey, over ten years ago I noticed my body wasn't processing foods and nutrients as well as it should. It was a slow awakening to the world of natural foods, after being a competitive distance runner I ended up with stress fractures and adrenal fatigue. Something needed to change & I discovered gluten-free & 'raw foods.' Back then there wasn't much good tasting anything in terms of baked goods or sweet treats. I found my own inspiration and started developing recipes, like raw pies & cookies. Soon after I had my first self-published book 'Sweet & Raw Pie Mandalas' then went onto publish 'Raw Cookies' a few years later.

Within that time, I also developed many nutrient deficiencies, which stemmed from not digesting food properly. I know now to be much more balanced in what I eat, but back then I had no idea. It was all sweet!! Sweets are medicine to me now, a real treat, an added spark to my whole foods diet. Dessert Medicine :)))

All this recipe testing and tasting got me inspired to develop my own products and most recently a chocolate bar!!! The KISS OF VENUS is the first product released through Dessert Medicine, a rose & pearl infused chocolate. This is truly my medicine, and I hope you will enjoy it with as much heart opening joy as I do. 


Through a little sweetness, plants like cacao and herbs can give us even greater medicine. One of the ways traditional herbal medicine is consumed is through sweetness, or the addition of sugar, to drive medicinal components into the body more easily. Using the proper herbs for dessert medicine making we can make delicious flavors, and effects that will assist the body in healing itself!

Make Dessert Medicine part of your daily practice. If you love sweets like me, make them beneficial for your body! Nourish yourself with treats, feel the blissful awakening & feed the soul. 

With Love :: Julia Corbett